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Tony Naylor ( DAILY DALEK ) INKED #1 By BK
August 13, 2011

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Doctor Who fans rejoice! A comic aimed for that nerdy itch, is finally here to scratch you with its weird plunger-like hand. I got to babble back and forth a bit with Tony Naylor the creator of Daily Dalek a daily single panel comic based around the beloved tin cans.


What made you want to make a comic about Daleks?

For a while I have been a cartoonist without a cartoon and I wanted a challenge that would get me back into cartooning on a daily basis. I needed to build up my cartoonist muscle again and I thought Daleks would be difficult to think up 365 situations for.


Assuming you are how long have you been a Dr. Who fan? And Who is your favorite doctor?

Okay, okay I admit it, I am a Dr. Who fan and have been since I was about 7 years old. That’s 33 years. Tom Baker is my favourite Doctor, I suppose you just stay loyal to the first doctor you experience.

Scariest Dr. Who alien?

The Doctor Who adversary that scared me the most were Ogri. They lived on blood and looked like giant sparkly Weetabix.

What Doctor Who character would you choose to draw after the 365 days are over?

I am considering a cartoon called The World of Who, incorporating all the Dr Who characters. I also want to spend more time developing The Big Greenie into a webcomic and work on an animated H.P. Superhero cartoon.

Who was your favorite lady companion?

I am not really that keen on any of them, I like it when the companion is on an equal level with the Doctor. Sarah Jane Smith did save the Doctor’s life numerous times and Romana (Mary Tann), was a Timelord herself. I’ll choose them because they were useful and could kick ass.

I saw that you had other work with comics, is Daily Dalek your longest running series?

No D.D. is in it’s infancy. H.P. Superhero, was one of my characters in ACNE, which ran for 7 consecutive years. I was an in-house cartoonist drawing 22 pages a fortnight, plus working freelance on other alternative comics. Other characters at that time, included Fairy Nuff and Elvira Mental. I also did artwork for other cartoonists, taking over Tom Fulup’s character Billy Butt. I left when I had to draw cartoons for other writers as I didn’t enjoy that. It was at that point that I launched my own publication, The Big Greenie, an environmental childrens comic.

What do you use to draw your comic, Daily Dalek? I know in the 89 created you have so far, there are a few different styles.

I draw straight onto 80 gram cartridge paper, with a Rotring Tikky Graphic pen. I colour with either promarker pens or photoshop, or sometimes a mixture of both, adding extra light with a white pencil crayon. I also like working with inks and watercolour, when there is time in the day. I have been trying to develop a new style that is an amalgamation of my style with the use of modern technology. The Daily Dalek, is a vehicle to showcase my various abilities.

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration?

The ideas just seem to come out of the end of my pen when I start drawing. Usually late night drawing sessions of quick sketches, whilst watching old series of Dr. Who. I also do a lot of brainstorming with my girlfriend Julie (@Membrane7) on Twitter. We work as a team really. I am dyslexic and she is the one that checks through all my spellings after Spellcheck.

Do you feel like your art was influenced by any artist in particular?

Gary Larson; Don Martin; Tom Fulep; Clive Ward; Dicky Howett; Tim Quinn and Steve Bell. That’s the short list.

What do you feel has been the biggest hurdle getting exposure for your comic?

I don’t think I have any exposure really, that’s the problem, getting people to know what you are doing. I am just relying on social media, mainly Twitter (@ToneCartoons), and I just started a Tumblr and a Facebook page. Also joining your site, and looking at webcomic lists and blog directories. Ultimately, this is a project I am sharing for free, at the end of it it would be great if it gets noticed. I would like to publish the best of them in a book. If all else fails, 365 cartoons is ideal for a calendar.

Lastly, what is your favorite food/drink combo? Red wine and cheese.

Background/About Tony Naylor :

First published in Derbyshire Times aged 11. Left school before my exams so I have no qualifications. Took my portfolio into A.R.F. Cartoons in Derby aged 16, and started work there the next day. I am a father of 7, step-father of 5, and living with 8. I now work freelance from home whilst sharing the care of my disabled daughter who is just 4. She has multiple sensory impairment and cerebral palsy.

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