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Steve Lillie – cartoonist and illustrator

Today’s guest post has been drawn by the very talented cartoonist and illustrator Steve Lillie.

Thank you Steve, for this brilliant cartoon you can really see Davros’ mind ticking over. He better be careful though, you could take your eye out with one of those salt pots. :O)

You can see more of Steve’s, cartoons over on his Facebook page.


Anthony Smith – Metro newspapers daily cartoonist

Todays guest post is our second offering from the artist Anthony Smith, the Metro daily cartoonist. He has kindly sent us the LEARN TO SPEAK CAT cartoon for Wednesday’s newspaper. That’s right you lucky Daleks an EXCLUSIVE just for you. Thanks again Anthony, as always we love it.

You can like Anthony’s Learn to Speak Cat Facebook page or catch up with him over at Twitter @LearnToSpeakCat. If you missed Anthony’s first guest post for the Daily Dalek you can find it here.


Phillip Blackman – cartoonist and illustrator


A big thank you to Phillip Blackman for this amazing and topical guest post inspired by the 2012 Olympics. Phillip uses a ball-point pen to do his artwork and as you can see his penmanship is second to none. When I first saw his work it inspired me to give the technique a go myself and let me tell you it’s not easy. For those of you who aren’t versed in Doctor Who lore, why not check out Phillip Blackman for a brief explanation.

You can also find Phillip on Twitter @NobbyNobody so why not pop over and give him your support. Thanks again Phillip I’m so pleased to have your work up on the Daily Dalek Webcomic.


Francesca Testen – Cartoonist


Todays guest post is from Francesca Testen, a very special young lady with an exceptional talent well beyond her 11 years. She has created a web comic with some help from her Dad, titled The History Twins. Francesca started her comic with a purpose in mind, to support her friend Dillon’s fight for a cure for Niemann-Pick Disease.

Please use the link below as with your generosity the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation, Inc. can achieve the necessary funding for critical research in hope of a successful treatment in time to spare Dillon and other children from the devastating effects of this fatal disease, that robs them of their most precious gift of life.

Thank you Francesca, I’m glad you have started getting into Doctor Who with your Dad, and that the Daily Dalek has inspired you to give us this generous Dalek offering. We love your site over here at the Daily Dalek, and as a cartoonist who himself was first published at 11, I can appreciate your initiative and how hard you work. I foresee a long and successful future for you in cartooning or anything you choose to do.

You can follow Francesca, and her Dad over on Twitter @thehistorytwins and her Blog.


Mark Toner – Cartoonist


Thank you to the incredibly talented Mark Toner, for today’s brilliant guest post. You can follow Mark on Twitter @tonertweets and you can also find more of Mark’s wonderful comics over at Thank you for taking the time to pop this over to us at the Daily Dalek Mark, I love it and I will be repaying the compliment soon :O)


Tony Husband – world famous cartoonist

Please click the censored or uncensored link above to view the cartoon

What perfect timing to coincide with the announcement from the BBC Doctor Who site that the Dalek’s today have been wheeled before the cameras once again.

But which design? The answer is ALL OF THEM!

Here are some sneaky pictures to wet your appetite for the Doctor’s forthcoming adventures and the return of perhaps the Doctor’s most legendary foe.

===> BBC sneaky pictures link<=== Now back to business, As you can see today's Daily Dalek comes from the incredibly talented cartoonist Tony Husband. When it come to cartoonists Tony, is one of the world’s most famous with a host of book titles and freelance cartoons to his name.

Tony has featured in publications such as Private Eye, The Times, Punch, Playboy, The Sunday Express, The Spectator and The Sun. In addition to appearing in many newspapers, magazines, books and websites, Tony’s cartoons have also been in several TV and theatrical productions. He has won more than 15 major awards, including the Pont Award for depicting the British way of life and Yobs, which he draws for Private Eye, is one of the best-known comic-strips in Britain.


Jim Wilkins – Doctor Who cartoonist


I’m so impressed with the quality of work that Jim Wilkins, puts into every cartoon, how he got the time to give us a guest post at The Daily Dalek, I will never know. Jim is the cartoonist behind The Void Noir and is currently drawing the on-going strip ‘In Print’ for The Doctor Who Reprint Society. A big thank you to Jim and Alasdair for this brilliant cartoon. You can find Jim on twitter @mrjimer Well worth a follow.


Anthony Smith – Metro newspapers daily cartoonist

It’s great to be back in touch with my old friend and former workmate Anthony Smith, who has kindly sent me an Extra-Purrestrial themed cartoon from his LEARN TO SPEAK CAT series, currently featuring in the Metro as a daily cartoon. Thank you Anthony it’s PURRFECT :O)

You can like Anthony’s Learn to Speak Cat Facebook page or catch up with him over at Twitter @LearnToSpeakCat.

I have just got home to find The Daily Dalek cat Mono, has had five kittens, now that’s timing #:O)x I will post more pictures on facebook and twitter later.


center>Bill Greenhead – The Cartoonist they call THE STIK

WORLD of COW guest post

For one day only it’s time for the Daleks, to moove over and give a massive pat on the back to Bill Greenhead, The Cartoonist they call THE STIK and creator of WORLD of COW, for today’s udderly fantastic guest post. Think it might be time to stop milking the cow jokes as they are getting a bit cheesy :O)


Wendy Heather Wood – cartoonist

Wendy-Heather-Wood-Guest post

Huge thanks to Wendy Heather Wood, creator of the webcomic Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit, who quickly stepped in when I was feeling a little blue after reading a Troll’s comment, and supplied us with today’s Daily Dalek.

After all the moral support from Daleks and humans on Twitter, I feel suitably refreshed and raring to get on with the next DD for you :O)

You can follow her on Twitter @gilbertandgrim


Leona Morgan – cartoonist

Yet another big thank you for this amazing Dalek cartoon from my good Twitter friend Leona Morgan who can be found on Twitter @leona_morgan.
As you can see Leona has been hard at work and has blown me away with her brilliant artwork and comedy talent. I don’t think it will be long before she has her own cartoon blog.


Leona Morgan – cartoonist

A big thank you for this amazing fun cartoon strip from my good Twitter friend Leona Morgan who can be found on Twitter @leona_morgan.


WG Draws – cartoonist

Saved yet again by my good friend the creator of Therapy Tales, with a guest post from her new webcomic Nosebody. Which I can strongly recommend. Last time she saved my right hand that was suffering with R.S.I, This time it’s my left hand with M.R.S.A. I don’t know what it is with my hands and abbreviations. Thank you yet again WG :O)


Brian King – cartoonist

Daily Dalek Guest Strip

Brian King. . . I ALWAYS WANTED Thank you Brian, you also have been assimilated into the Daily Dalek paradigm. Resistance is Futile !


WD Draws – cartoonist

Daily Dalek Guest Strip

Therapy Tales, you have been assimilated into the Daily Dalek paradigm. Resistance is Futile !

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