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  1. Supporter

    Have you seen the Selfridges Building in Birmingham (England)? Worth a Tone cartoon? Great site, been visiting since your early days, keep up the fantastic “work”!

  2. Sangelia

    your T-shirt design of “Exterminate the Hatred”. one way to get the word out is to have the picture on George Takei’s facebook page. and to let him know what site it came from.
    Even though he was Sulu on the original Star Trek. he has posted pictures from other sci-fi items.

  3. Kevin Jackal Johnston

    Hi, we are looking to link exchange with comic book artists, cosplayers and writers world wide.

    We are in Toronto (specifically Mississauga) and are running THREE free web comics currently.

    Can you send me your content like these people did: http://www.kevinjackaljohnston.com/page/show/711371-web-comics-from-around-the-world

    I’ll put the whole article about you in there.

    Our main site is
    Description: A fat comedian and web comics producer. Don’t visit his site, your mom will ground you!

    DEMON DOG & RETRO RAT: A Free Web Comic by Kevin Jackal Johnston. Demons, fire and guns… Do you need anything else?

    STAR TREK SPARTA: The great fan web comic by Kevin Jackal Johnston, set in the new JJ Abrams Star Trek Universe.

    THE WORD: A free web comic by Nigel Lewis. GOD vs GOD and Hell on Earth!

    Let’s trade links and keep in touch.

    We can all succeed if we work together. Let’s have a great 2013!

    Kevin Jackal Johnston

  4. Luiz Carlos de Freitas Rocha

    Hello Anthony! My name is Luiz Carlos, I’m from Porto Alegre, a city in southern Brazil.
    I’m a big fan of his cartoons from the Daily Dalek!
    I’ve been through this message, asking his permission to publish the cartoons translated into Portuguese, to post on Facebook page that I manage, Wholockians Brasil.
    My idea is always to publish comic translated and below the link to the original post on your page in Tone Cartoons.
    I wait for your contact!
    Thank you!

    1. Tone Post author

      Hello Luiz, I am really pleased you enjoy my cartoons so much and that they have traveled all the way to Brazil. I think it’s a great idea to translate the Daily Dalek cartoons. I am hoping my project will lead onto a book, and it would be brilliant to have it published in other languages one day. Let me know your Facebook page address when you have it and I will promote it on the Daily Dalek Facebook page. I am happy for you to share them with the link to my page. Good Luck :O)

      1. Luiz Carlos

        This is the link to our group on facebook: https : //www. facebook .com/groups/wholockiansbrasil/
        And this is the link to our fanpage:
        https://www. facebook .com/WhoLockiansBrasil
        Tonight I will begin to translate and publish at least one strip per day.
        Thank you once again!

  5. Supporter

    From watching “Doctor Who” (since it began!) I haven’t seen or at least noticed any Daleks with exterminators on their right-hand side. Tone realises that there must be some Daleks with exterminators on that side otherwise the Thals would always know the best side to sneak up. Great site, Tone, a daily pleasure!

    1. Tone Post author

      Thank you, it’s brilliant to get feedback about what we are doing here on The Daily Dalek, especially when it’s the thumbs-up from a true Whovian. I thought Daleks were ambidextrous like me and could attach their attachments as they deemed necessary. My Dalek toys, I mean models attachments are all mixed up because the children are always pulling them off and putting them any which way. I like the idea of them being prepared for battle and a surprise tactic against the Thals. Apparently, we still drive on the left hand side of the road in England so that as we pass oncoming vehicles we can attack with our right hand (or something like that). The truth is I draw Daleks every day and just draw them whichever way I feel like because it’s fun. I thought the sketch above looked quite surreal :O)

    1. Tone Post author

      I’m sorry for the late reply as I have had the Weekend off. As far as I’m concerned you can use my artwork on any number of T-Shirts you want, but I’m afraid without written permission from the BBC and the Terry Nation estate you cannot use the trademark image of the Daleks (for profit !) unless you pay for it. If you do use the image anyway send me a T
      All the best Tone.

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