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It’s FREE Poster and Competition Time

Yes I know it’s my day off but what the hell. I’ve had an idea for a competition.


Okay let’s get to it. You can win a bundle of Daily Dalek goodies including: a Mug, T-Shirt and Signed Print, plus a sample of Time Lord Natural Perfume kindly donated by Esscentual Alchemy.

So what do we have to do ? I don’t hear you say because this is a blog. Well It’s quite simple, print off a copy or copies of your free poster, which I’m sure your going to do and stick it up somewhere creative. Here’s a few ideas I’ve had for you below.


Of course if you don’t happen to be able to find any of the locations above how about your school, workplace, a local landmark or even your bedroom wall!

So you’ve come up with your idea, you’ve printed off your poster or posters, now what ? Well you get out your phone, or if you’re like me your pinhole camera and take a picture and then Email it to me at The Daily Dalek,

I will choose the most amusing and imaginative as the winner and pop up the best entries on the new NEWS page.

WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! Please do not FLYPOST as you will get into trouble and remember be safe, we don’t have many fans at The Daily Dalek, so we don’t want to loose any of you falling to your death or doing something silly. Have a good time and always ask if it’s ok before you stick it up !

P.S. After inquiries about a deadline, I wanted to let you all know that there is not a definite deadline yet. Was going to wait and see how quickly entrants responded. Thought it best to give people some time to think and plan their idea. As a rough guide, get them to me by the end of March.