Guest Post from Phillip Blackman (aka NobbyNobody)



A big thank you to Phillip Blackman for this amazing and topical guest post inspired by the 2012 Olympics. Phillip uses a ball-point pen to do his artwork and as you can see his penmanship is second to none. When I first saw his work it inspired me to give the technique a go myself and let me tell you it’s not easy. For those of you who aren’t versed in Doctor Who lore, why not check out Phillip Blackman for a brief explanation.

You can also find Phillip on Twitter @NobbyNobody so why not pop over and give him your support. Thanks again Phillip I’m so pleased to have your work up on the Daily Dalek Webcomic.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post from Phillip Blackman (aka NobbyNobody)

  1. MalikTous

    Haha,, the Aztecs would have taken the Cybermen down too. They had galvanic gold plating technology as well as a great ball game. ‘Winner gets gold plated, loser loses his head to the sun’…

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