Guest Post from Francesca Testen


Todays guest post is from Francesca Testen, a very special young lady with an exceptional talent well beyond her 11 years. She has created a web comic with some help from her Dad, titled The History Twins. Francesca started her comic with a purpose in mind, to support her friend Dillon’s fight for a cure for Niemann-Pick Disease.

Please use the link below as with your generosity the National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation, Inc. can achieve the necessary funding for critical research in hope of a successful treatment in time to spare Dillon and other children from the devastating effects of this fatal disease, that robs them of their most precious gift of life.

Thank you Francesca, I’m glad you have started getting into Doctor Who with your Dad, and that the Daily Dalek has inspired you to give us this generous Dalek offering. We love your site over here at the Daily Dalek, and as a cartoonist who himself was first published at 11, I can appreciate your initiative and how hard you work. I foresee a long and successful future for you in cartooning or anything you choose to do.

You can follow Francesca, and her Dad over on Twitter @thehistorytwins and her Blog.

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