Day 116: The LAST SUPPER of the DALEKS

The last dalek Supper

“Could you pass the oil . . . ?”
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5 thoughts on “Day 116: The LAST SUPPER of the DALEKS

    1. Tone Post author

      Hello Xero,

      OK. . . The one in the middle is not the EMPEROR DALEK, not the SUPREME DALEK, and not Davros, or any of the cult of Skaro, The picture is an homage to the original painting by Leonardo Di Vinci, in which Jesus, is wearing red.

      Early Red Dalek history

      “The earliest known Red Dalek was in charge of the construction of the Sky Seven Space Station when the Mechanoids made their opening volleys in their war with the Daleks. The Red Dalek Leader spared the life of a raving mad Dalek because he correctly believed it was tied to the detected transmissions of alien signals. He located and exposed a camouflaged Mechanoid Interceptor and destroyed it before it could flee. Two more Interceptors arrived, both protected by force fields. He ordered the Daleks to retreat but his Dalek Flying Saucer was melted as he screamed about the heat and the light. (TV21: Eve of War)”. Source: Tardis Index File.

      If you need him to be more than just the son of a Dalek, Carpenter you can always have:

      “The Daleks of Azhra Korr, the First-Born, Alpha, had a red casing, although his role and his title were more like that of the Dalek Prime on Skaro. (DWM: Children of the Revolution) A race of Daleks newly created from Davros’ cells after the time war were led by the red Supreme Dalek, who also was the highest ranking among his Daleks. (DW: The Stolen Earth)”. Source: Tardis Index File.

      I myself prefer the idea that the red dalek, is an ordinary drone like Jesus was just an ordinary man.

      “In the New Dalek Paradigm, the red Drone Daleks were the lowest ranked. (DW: Victory of the Daleks)”. Source: Tardis Index File.

      I hope that clears this one up for everyone.

      P.s. I hope you don’t think I’m being funny with you, but almost the whole of the internet has been going on and on about the one in the middle, which is fantastic but a little annoying as the Daily Dalek is a Daily cartoon. I draw the cartoons on the day I have to make quick decisions about the content and on this occasion I think I made the right one.

      After my Dalek cartoons have been published to the web they take on a life of their own of which I have no control, this cartoon’s life seem to be very controversial but it has been a joy to watch it grow up. :O)

      P.p.s I would however like to say that I am not a Christian or follow any religious teachings, I am an atheist, but do respect the beliefs of others. :OP

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