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Adopt a Dalek Cartoonist Today so he can draw another full year of Dalek and Doctor Who cartoons to share for free.

With a mere handful of Dalek cartoonists remaining in the wild today, now is the time to help halt the decline with Patreon. Your monthly donations will provide the funds for a single cartoonist to create another full year of Dalek and Doctor Who cartoons on a daily basis. They will also create a local cartoonist reserve in the form of a small studio, heating and much needed food to enrich their habitat.

From just $1.00 a month you can adopt a Dalek cartoonist, and help Patreon to protect the future of this amazing species whilst conserving their internet connection, host and server cost. This small act on your part will ensure the continuance of Dalek and Doctor Who cartoons for many months to come.

I need your support to keep creating interesting content.

I have been a freelance cartoonist since 1986. I worked as an in-house cartoonist for Acne, Britain’s first alternative children’s comic for 7 years, going on to create my own publication, an environmental children’s comic, called The Big Greenie.

I am a creative person. I draw cartoons, make digital art, sing and write songs, play guitar and even paint! All the time I am seeing things and being inspired. I struggle to have a quiet moment away from my brain and stop it from having ideas, especially when I am not carrying a pen – I forget more than I remember!

I am a licensed BBC artist, and have created the graphic design for a range of official Doctor Who and other science fiction products. I am probably better known for being the most prolific unofficial Dalek cartoonist on the web.

Due to a series of setbacks, maintaining my day to day existence means I seldom have the opportunity to put pen to paper as I would like. I can’t afford paid advertising and spend a lot of my time trying to promote myself on social media to keep myself from an imminent financial mess. I am currently funding myself through merchandise sold online. However, I need to find a way to support myself regularly or I will have to work full time in a factory or wherever will have me. This is not were my talents lie, but I need a reliable salary.

One of my cartoons from the Daily Dalek Webcomic

When I am happy and not stressed about affording basic necessities, I draw and I make money doing so. Sponsoring me will give me the opportunity to get busy creating again. I am asking for a helping hand, at first to stop me from going under and then to enable me to tread water until I can create a safe island for myself again, where I can draw all day. I promise I will remember a sketchbook and to send a postcard.
Patreon, is about giving a recurring pledge of a smaller amount you can afford, rather than a single one time donation. It’s easy to set up and there is no obligation or commitment on your part. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. In return, I can concentrate my time on producing new content on a daily basis to share with you. I can do more of what I love so that you can see more of what YOU love.
You also get additional exclusive rewards depending on the level you pledge. These will be released after I receive your payment on the 1st of the month. Your access to the Activity Feed is available immediately. Here you can view new cartoons a day early and post and share your own fan art, get to know me and the other patrons and be involved with discussions. It’s our own virtual, private club.
If you pledge at Skaro or Movie Dalek level you also get to see extra material such as tips, memes, jokes, gag cartoons and sketches and view behind the scenes videos of me being silly, drawing cartoons, singing and playing the guitar. Dalek Warrior level gets you the full “I adopted a cartoonist” gift pack!

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My goal is to produce another full year of the Daily Dalek webcomic, plus Doctor Who cartoons and miscellaneous gag cartoons – basically be a full time cartoonist. I have always wanted a book of my work, something I can hold in my hands and shout “LOOK I DID IT” . . ! Your contributions will be put towards the initial layout costs for the first small run of books to sell online which I am hoping will lead onto the production of actual real 100% unofficial books!

Additionally, I am wanting to get out and sell my wares at fairs and conventions. Your donations will go towards the equipment needed for a stall as well as the cost of renting a space, accommodation if required and travel to the event. I would like to take part in comic fairs but have never been able to meet the costs. At this point, I will be able to meet my fans and say thank you in person.

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  • Access to the Patron-only feed. Get to view new cartoons a day
    early, as soon as they are finished!
    Post and share your own fan art on the “All Posts” feed, Here you
    can get to know myself and the other patrons, keep up to date
    with the latest discussions and leave me comments.
  • Additional material such as tips, memes, jokes, gag cartoons and
  • Behind the scenes videos of me being silly, drawing cartoons,
    singing and playing the guitar.
  • A shout out on the Daily Dalek Facebook page and Tone
    Cartoons Twitter and a follow back on all social media.
  • The full “I adopted a cartoonist” gift pack including a fact book
    about your adopted cartoonist, Bookmark and stickers, A4
    certificate that you can frame and proudly display on your wall.
    and a signed photo of your adopted cartoonist.
  • Your own personal up to 50% OFF coupon code valid for a year at
    the Tone Cartoons Shop.
  • Beautiful, soft and cuddly “I adopted a cartoonist” T-Shirt.
    An “I adopted a cartoonist” mug.
  • Signed A3, print of a Tone cartoon of your choice dedicated to
  • A personal video message from Tone.
  • An A3, Daily Dalek, 2017 calendar of your choice from the range.
    An acknowledgement in the eventual 100% unofficial Daily Dalek,
    book stating how you helped my dream become a reality.
  • An original, signed cartoon commissioned by you and dedicated
    to yourself or the person of your choice.
  • I’ll draw and send postcards to you to personally keep you up to
    date with my creative journey and say thank you so very, very
  • A one time $100 reward to spend at the Tone Cartoons shop.

If you cannot help please share. Your moral support is worth as much if not more.

If you need more information please contact me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Email.
You can find my online portfolio here.