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Product Description

Dye Sublimation mug

Sublimation is a very simple but highly effective process to professionally and permanently apply an image into (not onto) the surface of ceramics to create high quality products.

In other printing processes, a transfer paper, metal sheet or film is printed and applied onto a blank item. However, with dye-sublimation, the image is dyed directly into the surface of the item.

Dye-sublimation “ink” is actually fine dry granules held in a liquid carrier. The dye-sublimation inks are printed with an ink-jet printer onto a special “paper”, which holds the image in place.

The image or screen is then placed onto the blank object (the mug) that is pre-prepared with a polymer coating and heat pressed (in a machine that combines high temperature and pressure).

The dye then “sublimates” into a gas and with the help of both the heat and the pressure being applied, is embedded into the surface of the mug.

As the dyes cool they turn back into a solid and have bonded with the polymer molecules which means the image is now permanently in the surface of the product.

All of our mugs are 11oz and in the popular Durham style. They are dishwasher proof and microwave safe.

Additional Information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 120 x 80 x 90 mm


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