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Day 333: Guys and Daleks

Day 330: Whovian Monsters University

Day 314: The Shiny Thing



Here is a clue to tomorrows Daily Dalek extravaganza . . . . .

Day 313: Die Tardis des Dr. Who.

At that very moment in 1920′s Germany Dalek Free running was born.

Day 312: The Dalek Chainsaw Massacre

Before Halloween…. Before Friday The 13th…. Before Scream…. There Was The Dalek.

The Daily Dalek Horror week started on the 15th of April to add to the build up and anticipation of Saturday’s scary episode of Doctor Who. The artwork for today’s poster parody was completed and first shown before the tragic event that has happened in Texas today. I am a cartoonist in England and there is no way I could have foreseen this. I apologise to anyone who has been affected in a negative way by the ironic timing of this.