Why a webcomic about flies, well ever since I can remember I have had a fascination with flies. As a cartoonist in one way or another I’ve spent most of my career drawing them, as a little dot with a scribble behind it buzzing around Poo in H.P superhero, to the madcap antics of Fred the Fly and there has even been a fly in my other webcomic The Daily Dalek.

When I was a teenager I fell in love with the cartoons of Gary Larson, the way he uses anthropomorphism and his unique perspective on the animal kingdom has always appealed to my sense of humour. I had always longed for the single panel cartoon and it’s unique ability to come across as a one-liner, gag style badum-tish . . .(drum sound). Which is understandable as at the time I was producing a regular twelve full page strips a week for various national publications.

I can change Tone Cartoons ©

Flyday is my attempt to look into the tiny mind of the insect world and play with the Larsonesque style of humour that I have loved for so long. Flyday will be a weekly single panel cartoon. I will be adding pages to the site as I go along, so if you have any ideas or comments please contact me and let me know, oh that’s if the contact page has been done yet LOL If not with thanks to Mrs Tonecartoons, you can always pop over to our Twitter, Facebook fanpage and Tumblr and give us your support.